Who We Are...

SBCG is the solution to affordable quality housing. We take the hassle out of construction by providing high quality design and fabrication. Our dwellings are based on a modular system and our modules are almost completely constructed inside an environmentally controlled factory.

The advantages that define system-building are its efficiency, design, speed of production, transparency during fabrication and the consistent high quality of the end-product. SBCG will substantially reduce the construction and assembly time compared to on-site building. Modules can be produced at a lower cost compared with standard construction methods. A modular home can be delivered, and made weather tight, within hours. This allows the remaining trim out work to be finished more rapidly.

SBCG's unique solution is to completely standardize the production process of factory modular homes.

All SBCG products are designed in compliance with The International Building Code, HVWZ 155mph, exposure category C. Earthquake III.